Lavande Lingerie Perfume

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The laundry perfume adds a pleasant scent to your wardrobe and your laundry. It is also suitable for freshening up clothes that have already been

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Long Description#Product Details#Lavender? Perhaps you conjured up an image of your grandmother’s wall-papered bathroom, with a bar of purple soap

Lavande 31 Eau De Parfum 50ml

HighOnLove Lavender Honeybee Bath Oil

WHAT IT IS In true Le Labo form, LAVANDE 31 knocks all preconceived notions of lavender on its head. Its bergamot and neroli essential oils give it a fresh lift-off to reveal a lavender of the greatest purity, where only the flower buds are distilled, giving the creation verticality and richness. Its foundation is pure Le Labo: ambery, dirty, and musky notes, blended with notes of tonka to give the perfume a regressive classic style that is both clean and dirty, recognizable yet truly unique.

Le Labo Eau de Parfum Lavande 31 50ml

1902 - Lavande by Berdoues » Reviews & Perfume Facts

LE LABO Eau de Parfum - Lavande 31, 50ml

1902 - Lavande by Berdoues » Reviews & Perfume Facts

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