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Choosing an SEO Partner

Big or small, businesses that succeed at search engine always gains benefits. But although SEO is technical, it’s not an exact science and there is no such absolute way to gain SEO results for your website, hence it takes time to show results (anyone who tells you anything else, is lying).

As a result, you’re putting a lot of trust in an SEO partner. Here’s what you should be looking for from your digital marketing agency:

Focused on people.

A good SEO agency naturally lives and breathes the technical stuff, but ultimately people, not bots, do business with you. Your digital marketing team should care about the customer experience.

Moving with the times.

SEO techniques are updated in a very fast approach. There are new challenges all the time, from algorithm changes to tactics. An agency that hasn’t changed its approach in 2 years is hopelessly out of touch. A great SEO agency is always evolving to get updates and implement the new SEO Process.

Clear communication.

Google’s algorithm is complex. So it’s important that your SEO partner can clearly and transparently explain their recommendations. There should a clear communication and mutual planning about the strategy which is going to be implemented.


SEO is always evolving over time, but we have a well-established approach that we’ve adapted over all the time.

1) Technical Optimization

If we’re building your website, we ensure technical SEO is baked into the process – review of wireframes and mockups, redirects, and other optimizations a great site needs. If we’re partnering with you for the long term, we’ll make ongoing SEO improvements, from technical tweaks to optimizations to newly added pages.

2) SEO Audit

If we’re working with you for the first time, we start by assessing the site’s current profile. We look at metrics such as keyword rankings and organic traffic, setting a baseline to measure performance.

Our comprehensive audits review and suggest code, site and page structure, content, and backlink profile, identifying opportunities and setting out a blueprint for future work.

3) Keyword Research

Keyword research gives us invaluable data about the specific terms users are using to search, and the volume of searches for those terms.

Just as importantly, the keyword research helps us understand users’ underlying search intent. Are prospects looking for general information, doing research on a product, or ready to buy? Answering these questions helps us shape content for maximum impact.

Also we do make a competitor analysis and keyword researchg based on tools to list out some of the trending keywords in the marketing for a website like yours.

4) SEO Strategy

It’s great to uncover fixes that can give you a bump in the rankings, but our true value comes from being an organic marketing partner.

Our SEO strategy may be part of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy or a more channel-specific effort (depending on your needs). The strategy will set the stage, covering the tactics we’ll deploy and the benchmarks that will help to measure success.

5) Organic Marketing

We believe there’s no longer a bright line between search and organic marketing. If you can find it through search, we think of it through the lens of search – from social media, to customer reviews, to sites where you’re talked about.

As a result, your team may feature a roster of organic marketing talent spanning contentinfluencer, and digital PR. Taking a holistic approach to your search presence, we seek out opportunities to boost your brand wherever you may be found.

6) Measurement + Reporting

We report regularly – usually monthly – on what we’ve achieved. We don’t chase vanity metrics or industrial quantities of backlinks. We don’t hide the fact that SEO takes time to work, but we hold ourselves to metrics that show brand lift or make a measurable impact on business results.
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